Fathers Reaching Out
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Post Natal Depression Support for Father's

What is "Father's Reaching Out"?

"A support group/network for men whose wives or partners are suffering from post natal depression."

Mark Williams and His wife

Why I have decided to set up this group?

My name is Mark Williams and about 7 years ago my wife suffered from severe post natal depression.

Many women all over the world suffer from postnatal depression. The severity of the depression varies between individuals. When a wife or partner is suffering from post natal depression it has a massive knock on affect for the men and husbands. Men can find themselves in the position of having to carry out all the main duties at home, whilst also working and caring for their wife and new born child and sometimes other children. These responsibilities can cause stress for the husband or partner which can lead to them feeling low or isolated. Many men don't talk openly about their feelings and this in itself can cause more stress. The main aim of this group is to provide an outlet where these men can express their feelings and emotions without being judged and also where they can talk to others that have been in the same position. The focus of this network and group is to provide men in this position with the help and support they need to be able to manage and cope through this difficult time period.